School Polices and Changes

Dylan Long, Author


After some controversy over new and old school policies, I sat down and talked to the assistant superintendent and former WHS principal, Dr. Brad Ross, the athletic director, Kevin Fowler, and the current WHS  principal, Eric Alderson to discuss the school policies and disciplinary actions for students who disobey them.

One new policy that has seen a lot of backlash is the tardy policy, which changed to being based on daily tardies received compared to the past which was based on tardies per semester. If a student receives 7 tardies in a day, a detention will be given. Alderson, who instituted the tardy policy was also a part of another change to tardies this year as parents of students may no longer be able to excuse their child from tardies when the student is late to their first hour. Fowler commented on this situation as he believes that the updated code will help decrease tardies in a big way. He also stated that it is very important for his athletes to be on time for class everyday.

Another topic that came up during these interviews was if it is possible for a student to be expelled from the Warren Couty school district, in which the answer is yes. It was also noted that this situation in which expolsion is necessary is very rare. According to Alderson and Dr. Ross,  this would take something very serious to get expelled from the school district, such as using a weapon on campus grounds.

The final policy that we discussed and that has recently changed is the dress code. Teachers at WHS must now immediately write up students who violate the dress code, eliminating warnings that students had received throughout prior years. Alderson said that just because a student receives a write-up, does not mean that they will be punished. Punishments will only come with consistent disobedience of the policy as they must enforce the code.