Were Vape Detectors Worth The Money?

Alexis Obenauer and Connor Hurst


The students at Warrenton High School were surprised with the schools newest additions, vaporized detectors. On September 2, 2022, Alexis Obenauer interviewed the administrators.

The high school’s bathrooms have these new vape detectors. When asked about them, WHS Principal Mr. Alderson stated, “I would say throughout the day, on average, at least 40 (alerts)”. This is stating the amount of alerts, on average, he gets per day from the vaporized detectors, signifying that there are electronic vapes being used in the restrooms. 

When they get an alert, the procedure is that whichever administrator is closest to the bathroom must search the students. Alderson adds, “..then we just follow our policies and procedures for discipline”. 

Many of the students were curious with why the detectors were added. Dr. Ross took the time to explain, “Clark was helping me with this and other schools were saying they were having very positive experiences with the vape detectors”. The goal of the detectors is to improve the environment for the students of Warrenton High School. 

With this information, we circle back to our original question, were the vape detectors worth it the cost? Mr Fowler, the athletic director at WHS, states, “Honestly, I think any amount of money spent on that is a waste of money because we shouldn’t have to”. He later explained that the vape detectors were just a ghost search for accountability. On the other side of things, Dr. Ross stated, “… it was either we use the money or we lose it”. With the two different opinions, it is hard to say whether or not the vape detectors were worth the cost.

Some could say that the vape detectors will be beneficial in the long, while others say that they are a waste of money. The students and staff of Warrenton High School will have to wait to see the results of them over the years.