WHS Dress Code Purpose

Kendall Taylor

Dress code is a very controversial topic in the school setting. While conducting interviews about this topic from Dr. Ross, Mr. Alderson, and Mr. Fowler at Warrenton High School on September Second, a plethora of information was gathered. 

Dress code can be a very sensitive topic in all schools, what students should and should not wear, and what is deemed inappropriate or not. Mr. Alderson stated, “There’s a lot that could be distractions, we would like to keep focus solely on education.” While the dress code gets many different outlooks from any different groups, there is never an agreement. 

While most have very different opinions on the dress code policies, all the sources had similar things to say. After these interviews it appeared to be that the general thoughts were all the same, the dress code is for the greater good, and to keep education the most focused it can be. 

After talking to three different WHS administrators concerning the dress code, we were able to determine an alike goal for the policy.