Dress Code

Deacon Forrest

What is the administrators goals when making dress code. We sat down on september 2nd with school administrators. We were interested in the dress code and how the rules have changed. We spoke with Assistant principle Alderson,  Mr.Fowler, and Dr.Ross and got quality information from the three.

Ross stated that, “Dress code helps prohibit the advertisement of the ideas that the school is against.” With this policy it makes everyone feel safe and feel supported by the school, with everyone having equal standards. Alderson, the assistant principal, had to say that, “Dress code helps the school focus on school and become best student possible.” A uniform was brought up to help the focus issue, Alderson said, “A uniform would take away the ability of showing your unique personality through your clothing.”“

In conclusion, I believe there’s some things that could change about the dress code and would help but it also works well. Where we are at now is a good starting point and room for improvement