Get To Know Our Principal

Josie Muckerman and Adrianna Hollaway

Just in this past school year, the students and faculty at Warrenton High School have been put under the leadership of a new principal. This has left many of the students curious surrounding the questions ‘Who is Principal Alderson?’ and ‘What are his plans for WHS?’. Recently, Adrianna Hollaway and myself were given the opportunity to sit down and talk to Principal Alderson about the  unanswered questions we all have. 

Principal Eric Alderson came to Warrenton High School after leaving his old job as principal at Winfield. He had worked there as head principal for eight years. When asked why he left Winfield to pursue the same position as Warrenton High School, Principal Alderson answered, “It’s always kind of been in my heart to want to come to Warrenton, and for a couple of reasons. To me this is the perfect size school.” Alderson not only came here because he thinks this high school is the perfect size, but he also came here so he would be able to spend more time with his family. “So I’m just talking with my wife. She was like,’Coming here, school is only four days a week and closer to home.’ Which would hopefully translate to more time at home with her and the kids.”  So overall, coming to Warrenton High School had a lot of perks for Alderson.

While principal Alderson has noble motives for moving here, the real question is how will we be able to give him a friendly warrior welcome?