Grace Brake

“Did you know that Australians fought a war against emos?” Grace Brake said while talking about her love for learning history. Grace is a Junior at Warrenton High School who focuses her time on video games (eSports) and writing. She dreams of being a sci-fi author and has worked towards this goal by writing in high school. 

Throughout her writing development, Grace has learned a lot about herself. She found that her main setback right now is her mental health. Grace often finds herself working independently which has contributed to her struggle with listening to others. Along with her professional goals for the future, Grace is also hoping to work through her mental health. She believes that if she can work out her mental setbacks, especially by learning to work with others, she’ll be able to succeed in her dream of being a writer.

In her free time, Grace enjoys playing video games competitively for WHS, traveling the world, and learning more. One of her proudest moments was defeating a competitor in an eSports battle. Grace’s love for traveling the world goes hand in hand with her passion for learning as she hopes to one day experience different cultures firsthand.