The Suite Surrender


The Suite Surrender was the Warrenton High School (WHS) spring show premiering on April 13th through the 15th. This production, written by Micheal McKeever and directed by Alexandra Soloman, features drama, comedy, romance, and much more. 


It’s 1942, and two of Hollywood’s biggest divas have descended upon the luxurious palm beach hotel. The divas in question? Claudia McFadded (Alexandra Chandler) and Athena Sinclair (Daniella Perry). 

The story begins with Mr. Dunlap (Noah Agler) stressed and exhausted with Mrs. Osgood (Alice Briggs) piling on work. Claudia shows up with her assistant Mr. Pippet (Rylan Arndt) and begins to drink heavily. Before long Athena and her assistant Murphey (Dayne Logan-Blattner) check into the room and begin to unpack. Murphey soon sees her long-lost love, Francis (Conner Patterson) and they talk. Athena and Claudia take naps in the room, occasionally getting up to cause drama as a nosy reporter named Dora A Del Rio (Natalie Schiebe) tries to get a good story between the two divas. Otis (Mason Rushing) is comedic relief as he impersonates his dying mother to get autographs from both celebrities and before long the two find out they’re in the same suite! They kick everyone out of the suite to fight each other, only there’s a twist… They’re best friends who only do this for publicity! The play ends with Athena leaving for another suite with her assistant.


Madness, comedy, romance, this play has everything for a person to love and so much more! The actors did a fantastic job performing this show ensuring laughs around every corner and keeping us on our toes!