Four-Day Week Improves Mental Health

Kara Horn

Most students attending Warrenton High School will agree the four-day school week has improved their sleep schedules. According to a recent survey taken school is the largest stress factor, but having the three-day weekend gives more time for homework and out of school activities which reduces stress. 


“The four-day school week gives me an extra hour of sleep,” Cierra Figura (9) said. “I used to get up at five, now I get up at six.” Sleep schedules are being improved dramatically. The survey stated 52 students recorded an increase in sleep. 


“Having an extra day gives me more time to sleep and attend work,” Zach Davis (12) says. Having an extra day gives students extra time to get caught up on lost sleep from the weekend or upcoming assignments due. 


Although school is still stressful for everyone, only going to school for four days has made a huge impact on the lives of the students and staff in the Warrenton School District. 


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